Jack Hamm
#1 Golf Club Designer in the World!

Hammer Putter
The Answer to Your Outdated Putter Technology!
  • Do you 3-putt or struggle with putting?
  • Want to know the secret miracle to one-putting?
  • Are you tired of spending $400 for putters that don't work?
  • ​How can you save 10 to 15 strokes per round?
"...The One Putt Miracle"
"I never miss a put under 5 feet anymore! I shot my lowest round ever"
Beau Rials
"This is the best putter ever designed! This will help everyone"
Al Geiberger
"It's just that easy. Line it up and put it the cup. No other putter makes putting EASY"
Jolly Demis
"Who ever wants to save like 10 to 12 strokes a round should get this. I have played 5 rounds of golf, and still haven’t 3 putted a hole. Love it."
Paul Green, Michigan
"I could always driver the ball, but just couldn’t putt. Now I can!!! I finally stopped 3 Putting thanks to the Hammer Putter. All my friends are buying one!"
Mel Arthur, Florida
"Over the last two years I had developed a case of the yips from close in. I had no confidence of those 2-3 foot putts that you seem to have all day on the course. I would make maybe half but I was not having any fun playing not to mention losing $$$ to my friends. I ordered the hammer and notice immediate results. I am putting like my old self again and make those 2-3 footers over 90% of the time. Once you have the line you hit the putt and you always hit the sweet spot. My handicap has gone from 11 to 8 after 6 weeks and the biggest difference is the Hammer. Golf is fun again and I no longer dread putting"
Bryce Liptac
"Best Putter ever. I save at least 8-10 strokes a round with this Putter. I am telling everyone about this. Great!!"
Frank Miller, California
"A lot of the time you hear this and that about what a product will do and none of it really does what it says it will do. The Hammer Putter is different! It is the best design I've ever seen in a putter. This is all I needed to break 80 consistently. Thank you so much."
Rich Bowen, Arizona

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If you put the Hammer Putter into practice you will stop 3 putting forever…I believe that so strongly that I’m going to give you a Completely no risk, no questions asked, 90 day guarantee, If you don’t save at least 10 strokes on your score… after 90 days…or if you’re not happy with it for any reason…Just let me know and I’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked…Less P&F and restocking fee ...There is no risk on you whatsoever. The Hammer Putter is the REAL DEAL...
The Hammer Putter Story
Designed by golf's #1 Designer and 6-Time World Long Drive Champion Jack "The Hammer" Hamm. This is the first REAL putting technology that actually works, not another gimmick. If you shoot in the 100s, it’s now a 90. If you shoot in the 90s, it’s now an 80. It's that EASY. It’s a known fact that every golfer 3-putts -every golfer. Even the pros - all of them… WHY?

Take a look at your putter. Does it have a heel and toe? Sure it does. They don't work. It’s obsolete technology. Jack Hamm not only changed the way a putter works but also teaches you the EASY PUTTING STROKE. This revolutionary putting stroke can only be used with the Hammer Putter. NOW YOU CAN PUTT DIRECTLY ON THE PUTTING LINE EVERYTIME AND NEVER 3-PUTT AGAIN! Nobody has the technology but us.. Nobody… Nobody can use the EASY PUTTING STROKE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE HAMMER PUTTER. THIS IS EASY PUTTING. Save 10 strokes per round NOW!

I am dedicated to offering you the best golf equipment on the market at direct wholesale pricing. I don't care about paying the pros to use our clubs (every pro is paid off by the company to use their club) or having our products in retail. I cut the middleman out so I can save you money. You get a premium putter without paying the premium price! My priority for the past 25 years is helping YOU. For this reason, I only sell our Hammer Putter direct from our website and back it with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can put the Hammer Putter head-to-head with ANYTHING you want. I am that confident that it will out-perform any other putter out there!

I have been in business over 25 years selling my Hammer line of golf clubs and I have been fortunate enough to sell over 1,000,000 clubs for a reason... They WORK! This is the last putter you will ever buy!

About Jack "The Hammer' Hamm 
The World's #1 Club Designer. Also Known As The World's Longest Driver Who Couldn't Putt... Until NOW!
"All I used to do was 3 putt with traditional putters. Now 3 putting is gone forever"
- Jack Hamm
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